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What are my support options?

Nino Skuflic provides 2 support options - paid and free.

Free support is provided in form of documentation / user manuals who are included in our products.

Paid support is diveded into 2 support plans - per incident support and contract support. Per incident type of support is billed per incident (prices are determined by our representatives). Contract support is a support option where you're paying a fixed price every month/year and you can have multiple numbers of incidents (number of incidents and prices are determined by our representatives).

How can I purchase a support option?

You can purchase support options via Nino Skuflic representatives. To contact Nino Skuflic representatives, send an e-mail to hello@ninoskuflic.com.

Can I get support if I have a free support plan?

No. Nino Skuflic does not provide support to users who have free support plan. In order to cover our facility, server and other costs, we cannot provide free support. Sorry about that.

Where can I find my SLA?

Upon purchasing a paid support plan, your dedicated representative will provide you with a Services Licensing Agreement (SLA). In case you need a copy of your SLA, contact your representative.

Where can I find your legal documents?

You can find Nino Skuflic legal documents at www.ninoskuflic.com/legal.

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